1xBet in Kenya, quick and candid

November 16, 2023

Truth be told, the wave of betting keeps sweeping over Kenya. 1xBet counts as yet another betting platform for those really determined to test their luck. So let’s get up-close and candid about 1xBet . As we always do, the discussion here suits someone who’s planning to join 1xBet , newly signed in users as well as people with a longer experience already. Let’s get down to it. 

1xBet  has been around since 2007 and each year, this bookmaker with offices based in Cyprus has tried to charm gamblers to join. The odds listed on the 1xBet  are just great. One more thing, the platform has all manner of games. One never misses something exciting to do on the platform.

A general user experience on 1xBet 

First impressions matter a lot especially for something like a betting site. 1xBet  design is simple and user friendly. Most importantly, all the important things that one needs to pay more attention to are all at a glance.

Without even mentioning the chances of winning a 1xBet  jackpot or whatever bet one has placed, the platform is interactive. 

New subscribers to 1xBet get a welcome bonus. If there was anything to be called a golden handshake then this bookmaker has it.  The 100% bonus for your first deposit on 1xBet  can’t be termed in any different way than a sheer golden handshake. This must be the way to feel welcome to the world of betting where its just sheer luck that reigns high. Its surely one of the most interesting betting sites to watch in Kenya. 

So, what is 1xBet?

This bookmaker is one of the numerous online betting companies founded in 2007 with a licence to operate in Kenya among other countries. With its head office located in Limassol Cyprus, it has brought so much excitement to various gamblers and sports betting gurus in Kenya. This comes out clearly by the sportsbook’s ability to offer players some of the highest odds.

1xBet has provided a platform with a variety of sports activities suitable for everyone. Here you get sports betting, live betting, lottery, bingo, casino and live casino games,. These and many more will without a doubt spoil you for choice.

Also play casino on 1xBet in Kenya

The most interesting aspect in 1xBet is that every player finds something that interests them in the 1xBet website. Besides, with a fast and reliable bet processing system which is accessible via any digital device, who would resist this sportsbook. However, this is gambling, a game of chances, meaning you could either win or lose, thus at 1xBet you are encouraged to bet responsibly.

Amazing, exciting 

There is no denial that since 1xBet joined the other popular betting sites in Kenya, it has since grown to become one of the most popular betting platforms in the country. Once you register and join the platform, many goodies await you. For instance, the generous bonuses of 200% bonus to help new players joining the platform. Nonetheless, here are some very important reasons why many players in Kenya bet using this sportsbook;

1. Livescore Betting on 1xBet 

Livescore betting is a betting activity that allows players to place their bet on sporting activities occurring at real time. This is always a good thing for players as they place their bets in real time on various outcomes like a score at a particular moment, or the final result of a game. If you are a player who is interested in placing your bet on sporting activities at real time, then 1xBet is your perfect sportsbook.

2. SMS Betting

During these present days of tough economic times, most Kenyans are going through periods of economic hardships. Accessing the internet can be a nightmare to many and most people cannot also afford to buy internet bundles. Therefore, 1xBet’s available option that allows players to place their bet through SMS is a relief to most disadvantaged players. Once you are registered with 1xBet, connect your phone number to your account. Enter 29021, write “LINK#AccountNumber#password”. 

3. First timer Deposit Bonus and Free Bets for New Comers

As a new customer in 1xBet you are entitled to a first deposit bonus to offer additional funds through your betting adventure. Besides, you are also going to get free bet offers with 1xBet as a new customer. It is quite a good deal since sometimes you will be saved from putting your money at risk.

4. Receive Refunds on Your Lost Bet

Although betting platforms exist to make money, create winners and excite, 1xBet has great empathy for its players. When your odds don’t count well for you on some special occasions, 1xBet offers a refund on your lost bet. At least this helps you as a player to reduce loses and encourage you to continue playing. Make more money by employing less risks.

How to Join 1xBet

Kenya still remains such an open market for gamblers. As someone with plans to onboard, take a quick look at these easy steps to sign up and what to expect. 

To join the 1xBet betting platform, you simply register on the website which does not require much. Provide a few personal details like your name and age then accept the terms of conditions. The betting site operates in Kenya legally which means a lot about safety for users. But, a player must take responsibility to protect their accounts and bet responsibly. In the meantime, follow these three simple procedures;

  • Visit the 1xBet official website and press on the “register” button
  • Register by creating an account. provide the needed information; your name, telephone number and set a password that you can easily memorise.
  • Verify your account and finish the procedure

1xBet Casino Games

If you are a player but not interested in sport betting, you have the option of participating in online casino gambling. There is a whole new attitude of exciting activities all lined up for you as 1xBet has one of the largest online betting casino platforms in Kenya. 

With over 50 different game providers, you are assured of classic games including 1xBet casino. Experience live casino actions that give you a chance to make money while having fun playing games.

Author Fredrick