Punters stunned by Taifa Stars dramatic draw with Chipolopolo at Afcon

January 22, 2024

The Africa cup of nations (Afcon) now gets even more sizzling. Team continue trying to put their best energy to become top in the group stages and proceed in the campaign. If you’re a lover of football then for a few weeks now and more you have to split your attention. You may have been forced to partly go for the English Premier League and Afcon just to catch a glimpse of both.

Zambia 1-1 Tanzania at Afcon

Something amazing about Afcon is that African soccer teams have a chance to showcase their best talents. If anything, it’s at such competitions that established international clubs in Europe and everywhere else scout for new additions to their stock of excellent talents. At the end of Afcon, a lot of movements from African national teams to clubs will inevitably happen.

So far, what is your rating of the playoffs at Afcon and which teams do you root for to win the competitions?

Taifa Stars Stunning Performance against Chipolopolo

When Tanzania’s national team, Taifa stars played against Morocco in their first leg at the Afcon, they became a laughing stock for many. Sentiments full of ridicule and dissatisfaction rented the social media spaces.

Soccer lovers couldn’t for once understand how such a team came back to make a fierce fight. In their first , displaying a lack of formation and organization made it to the Afcon. From the outset, a keen spectator could wonder what formation the team was playing and whether they had enough preparation for the continental soccer campaign.

In a group comprising Morocco, Tanzania, Zambia and DRC, many would have completely written off Tanzania from clinching the top slots. But then in a match against Chipolopolo of Zambia, it seems the Taifa stars boys set out to redeem their image.

A dramatic twist in the field

In the first half of the game, Taifa stars dominated and even secured a goal. From every indication, the Tanzanian team was displaying their best footwork and coordination. Accurate passes, shots on target, aggressive attack and even ball possession all were in their favor.

Fans who also dabble up their support for soccer with sports betting must have placed their best stake for Taifa stars. Actually, punters who placed their bets before the game may have selected Zambia to win. Much of this decision must have been informed by how Tanzania played clumsily in their last match. But then those who chose live betting would have gone for Tanzania going by the new exciting twist of play in the game. 

The game ended in a well deserved draw as Zambia made decisive substitutions and regained control. By the time the referee blew the final whistle, Taifa Stars and Chipolopolo had squared it out to a draw but fans must admit that the Tanzania team surprised many. They seemed to have re-energised and planned their play so well as opposed to their previous game. 

Quick tips for winning a bet for Afcon games

From the surprise that Taifa stars made in their second play at the Afcon, its proven hard to use past games to pick which team to win. In fact, as things stand, predicting which teams can win even at the group stages of Afcon is so hard. 

Before the start of the Afcon, opinions split between those supporting West African countries to win and those for the North African ones. But again the DRC football team held Morocco to an eclectic draw which raised questions on whether the North African country will get anywhere near top. 

Wondering how best to place a bet for teams in the Afcon?

  • Instead of pre match betting, embrace live betting. 
  • Do not stake a lot of money but if convinced that a team or a selection of teams really stand a high chance to match your predictions, stake high but select only a few teams. 
  • Compare the odds across different betting apps. The assigned odds for teams across major betting Apps may not be accurate but indicative of what may transpire in the field. 
  • Just do not be quick to actively bet when teams are just playing in their group stages. Use this period to watch and observe trends. Some historically good teams have just weakened down and weak ones gained.
  • Check on injuries and the squad that will play the next match. There are some few players whose role in their teams means a lot. They coordinate and organize action in the field to secure wins. Prolific African players in international clubs like Sadio Mané , Kalidou Koulibaly, Moh Salah cannot be ignored in Afcon.
Author Fredrick