Crypto gambling possibilities in Kenya?

May 13, 2023

Kenya remains ahead of her peers in the region when it comes to embracing modern technologies. A quick survey would expose the great extent to which so many Kenyans work on remote jobs and a good number too have joined the cryptocurrency trading bandwagon while others also reap big from stock market. So the question about the possibility of crypto gambling in Kenya makes much sense.

Crypto gambling at casinos in Kenya

No doubt, gambling in Kenya remains at an all time high. The young, old and women have not been left behind when it comes to trying out their chances at winning multi-bets or jackpots. Sports betting or casino gambling in Kenya can´t be considered news at all.

Using the crypto for your gambling

If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to use cryptocurrency in gambling, the answer is yes. By now you probably must have heard of cryptocurrency in this digital era we live in. Terms like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have gained popularity among people. Almost all online-based business platforms have adopted this digital currency.

Online gambling is one of those kinds of businesses that has quickly accepted crypto. Unquestionably, there is a high rise of crypto-casinos in the market. So, gamblers have heard about it and would wish to try betting with it. But deep down, they lack the know-how of doing so.

Crypto for sports gambling

Crypto gambling involves using cryptos such as Bitcoin to gamble. You can use crypto to bet on sports, poker games, e-Sports, or even casino games. Through this, you will get Bitcoin bonuses and you can easily add the balance to your Bitcoin account. 

Furthermore, when betting using crypto, you will get a variety of games. Some of the games you can play include live casino games, table games, slots, as well as sports betting. Therefore, as a bettor, you will get lots of entertainment options. 

Get to know what crypto gambling in detail

Quick guide on Cryptocurrency in Gambling

Sometimes you may wonder how this crypto thing works in gambling. Well, it’s simple. The steps are more or less the same as what happens in other banking options. So, no need to panic.

Before you even think of playing, you must first cash in some funds into your digital currency. Wondering how it is done? Simple. You’ll begin by picking the cryptocurrency most befitting in your gambling site. It is most likely to be either Bitcoin or Ethereum because they’re commonly used.

Create a crypto wallet

Step up further to create a crypto wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Mark you, it is similar to the various e-wallet systems you see online now and again. Yet, you should choose reputable ones. It would be best to settle for one with a complete crypto exchange, for swift operation.

By the way, that wallet serves just like a bank you know. At least it takes up the role of third-party storage for your crypto valuables. So, it helps with buying, selling and storing your cryptocurrency. But of course with no fiat around it. Be rest assured of privacy and zero fees.

Buy your digital coin

Once you have the crypto wallet, you can freely buy your digital coin. Then wire them to your crypto gambling website account for endless fun with your best casino games. The transactional process is just similar to what you do in other banking methods.

Benefits of betting using a Crypto casino

Everyone loves privacy. And when it comes to complete anonymity with personal details, crypto gambling is the way to go. It will give you a platform to play as an anonymous individual.  Your personal information will obviously attach to the transaction whenever you use traditional methods like bank transfer in online gambling. No wonder hacking could be so easy, especially with gambling sites that have not been encrypted.

Master the art of crypto gambling

Blockchain Technology

As for crypto gambling, blockchain technology makes it very hard for hackers to steal your information. Neither can they tamper with the game results. Doubtlessly, crypto gambling seems more secure here.


Far from that, crypto is fully decentralized. Thus, no authority will regulate your operations with it. Be it buying, selling, depositing or withdrawing the funds. Hence, you are not obliged to pay any fees because to whom shall you pay? When there’s no entity in charge.

Encryption technology

Still, crypto casinos use the so-called public-private key encryption technology. That protects transactions against reversal and alteration. Therefore, once transactions are made, no turning back.

Instant payment possibilities

Another thing worth mentioning is its instant payment process. Unlike other payment options that take hours or so to finish a transaction, crypto is fast. It even beat e–banking services on this. Let alone old cash.

Again, we won’t end this session without talking about the unrestricted geographical location. With crypto gambling, you are so free to play your favorite game from anywhere within the globe. No restrictions are made to specific counties as is with other payment methods.

Finally, you should know about Bitcoin bonuses. Talk of awards on cash back, deposits and more. Not all other platforms can give such kinds of bonuses as crypto does.

Legalies of cypto gambling in Kenya

As of now, it is quite hard to answer questions regarding the use of Bitcoins in gambling. Because for one there is no specific, law watchful over crypto gambling. Digital currency is in a state where its use depends on. Whether your country is optimistic about it or not, so if they do the better. As long as you’re a client at any authorized online gambling. And they allow cryptocurrency, grab the chance.

Author Fredrick