Golf betting gaining momentum in Kenya

April 22, 2023

Any honest Kenyan can’t behave not to know about sports betting and fuliza. The economy has so many times and in several ways failed us which leaves everyone trying out every possible way to break through. While soccer, tennis and handball have been the leading types of sports that most Kenyans bet on, golf betting is increasingly catching up in space.

Tennis is considered a rich men’s game in Kenya but betting opens it to all

People who’ve been in the betting arena for sometime now will confess that it’s never an easy thing to rely on luck or plan with a win all the time. The devastating effect of a bet loss can be so much which explains why intelligent bettors would rather go for different games aside from the most [popular ones. Better still, smart ones choose to mix soccer, tennis, basketball,handball, golf plus more which have become available on betting sites now.

Betting in Kenya now includes not so popular games

No one thought golf would one day be a game so popular in Kenyan society. Initially, people believed in the notion that golf is for the rich. Or that those good at it have a golfing history running down their lineage. But as things stand now, the fallacy may be true but  just partially.

Apart from talented golfers who play for fun and money. Bettors too have developed an interest in this game. Well, not that they can swing the club to tee off the ball. No. Theirs is to skillfully know who is who in the golfing field. Just to help with making correct predictions at betting.

Surprising of all are parents who are lately investing their children in golf. To them, golf help in instilling discipline and keeping them busy. Somewhere, they also thought it was a perfect way to link kids with useful people. 

Apart from youthful Njoroge Kurugu, many young Kenyans have come to the limelight through golf. Others like Belinda Wanjiru hail the game, despite her young age. Also, she does not have a history of golfing in her lineage.

Turning point for golf betting in Kenya

Interest in golf betting drastically changed after Kenya hosted the magical Kenya open, a few weeks ago. Those who know term it the most luxurious fourth event of its kind, held in Kenya. This prestigious event exposed Kenya and gave it worldwide recognition in the golf books. Still, it marked the beginning of dire interest in golf in Kenyan society.

When the cock is teed, that could well confirm your bet or run it

Spectators and fans really enjoyed the edge-cutting competition. What our own Kurugu did at Muthaiga golf club, will remain etched in the mind of golf fans for eternity. The unbeatable young man knows how to swing his club on the tee, for a perfect roll. Not even older players could shake him one bit.

Aside from the fun bit of it, bettors also had it big this time. For instance, offered a perfect betting platform for them. At least the Kenyan audience had the chance to watch the thrilling game and still bet using cryptocurrency. Not only that, but this bookie, asked a few questions. Of which if you answer correctly, you’d win $50 there and then. With all such great experiences, how could Kenyans miss a soft spot for golf betting?

Why you may now venture in golf betting

Undoubtedly, golf betting is quite unpopular in Kenya. For decades, Kenyans have associated themselves much more with football than the rest of other sports. Until when golf betting came and everyone seemed to run in that direction.

Proven truth is, golf betting offers high stakes compared to those other sports. That is due to the cost that comes with it. If you’ve been wondering why there is low membership in Kenyan golf clubs, here is the answer. Those members pay handsomely for the maintenance of the club. So far, that’s what makes golf a sport of its own league.

Up until now, you can see why golf players earn hugely. The same relates to the big wins on the punters’ side. Far from that, golf is more profitable when you are skillful at it. You should at least know the few ‘whose’ before placing a bet.

Like in a game programmed for golf guru, Tiger Wood, you will wager on him as the winner. The chances of increasing your bet amount when he wins the game are so sure. This is different from other games where players, results and odds keep changing.

Brief on placing golf bets

If you are a newbie bettor, know that golf betting is simple just like other sports. It only takes minutes before you are done. As long as you can access the internet, you are good to go.

 First, before anything, you need to know of the likely wagers in golf. Here again, you may place a bet on the player, or the overall score in each match. Sometimes you can bet on the number of shots required to complete the hole. All you need is to spot your thing and bet.

Increasing your chances of winning a golf bet

To cut the hedge in golf betting, try betting on match-ups. Although this is highly profitable, it is risky too. Here, you will require data from recent games to determine the winning likelihood. The trick works mostly in a match of pro golfers, with similar strength.

Similar to that is betting on alternative markets where all players are strong. It may be daunting to guess the winner. Better still, you will use this trick to focus on teams’ performance and not single players. Just pick on the team with the best players. At least you won’t feel frustrated when your very best player loses. Try it and give thanks later.

Following the weather reports 

As a golf bettor, studying the weather reports or forecast frequently is so important. The knowledge will help you in increasing your chances of being a successful golf gambler. Also, you can check the morning as well as the afternoon waves in order to understand the wind patterns. 

Tracking line movement 

As a bettor, the line movement takes place when the golf points spread in case of a bet change resulting in the game and can be noticed. Reasons behind the bet line movement include injured players, suspensions, or a large amount of money placed on one side of the bet. 

Checking out on Statistics 

What will separate you from other bettors if you want to win is doing some homework. It might be easy to select the golf winner? However, it is also important that you check the previous stats in case the person you have chosen had made big wins in the past. 

Getting the Best Golf-betting Sites in Kenya

A common puzzle of getting the right golf-betting site gives many Kenyans sleepless nights. Bettors really can’t tell which is which when it comes to safety with their money. In Kenya, tested and proven mobile betting, comes in handy for golf betting. They are some of the licensed operators. Therefore, for amazing gambling encounters via your mobile, try on:

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