Spending the 25 Worldcoin tokens in Kenya

August 7, 2023

The craze and maze with which Kenyans poured out to get their iris scanned for Worldcoin can’t be ignored. From the look of things, most Kenyans on those meandering queues were primarily attracted by the money aspect. The reward of 25 Worldcoin tokens valued at ~ksh.7000 excited Kenyans in their numbers. Whatever the reason, we may need to know how exactly to cash out the tokens.

Well, it’s one thing to be scanned by the orb and be issued with a World ID. It’s also another thing properly sign up on the World App, receive the tokens and turn them to Kenya shillings. This could be the right time that many Kenyans get an actual experience with crypto. Most people may have just heard about bitcoin and other altcoins but now Worldcoin seems to be ropping everybody in.  

How to get rewarded with the Worldcoin tokens

Worldcoin has rolled out a massive exercise targeting the creation of a huge reference point for proof of humanhood. Although coming out as shrouded in unclear public information and mixed feedback, Worldcoin has been on a serious registration campaign.

Just in case you were missing out on the Worldcoin buzz, let’s plug you into the loop. The Worldcoin project has as its core the plan to build a massive proof of persons system. With this, the comoany aims to help fight scams in the digital space mainly caused by Artificial intelligence.  At least this has been what the company and its founder Samuel Altman proclaims as its core business.

“Free” Worldcoin token for an iris scan

We’re defunately not authorized to promote or disseminate any specific information about how Worldcoin operates for want of competence. But, indications point to a move to use iris biometrics as a most reliable verification tool in the digital space. Anyone who signs up and get the iris scanned, the company representatives say such gathered data will be used to generate a World ID. This ID will act as a single source of truth for verification of digital transactions. 

To get rewarded with the Worldcoin tokens, you need to show up at the stations where the silver orbs are set up. Next is to give in and get your face and eyeball scanned, a process that takes 10 seconds. Afterwards, you be assigned a unique World ID plus a handshake of 25 free tokens. These tokens can be used for different purposes like buying from a shop or donating to charities. 

What happens during eye scanning for Worldcoin?

It doesn’t really matter what excites you to go for Worldcoin iris scanning. Maybe you want to contribute to the building of this massive ID base or only tickled by the idea of being rewarded. Whichever the case, you better be more aware of what happens at those stations. With the right information, you get to fend off misinformation, half truths, paranoia and disinformation. 

At this point, it needs to be understood that yes Worldcoin may be interested in rolling out an all inclusive financial system. But at the core of the aggressive iris scans is a sheer need to achieve its core objective of  actualizing proof of humanhood. So, the data so gathered would provide digital identification. 

Getting to spend your 25 Worldcoin tokens in Kenya

Many Kenyans are yet to really understand how digital currencies work. We may have begun trusting dealing in soft money especially via M-pesa or e-banking systems but not so much with cryptocurrencies. Only a few who’ve taken steps to learn more about the crypto may know exactly how to access the tokens once rewarded after an iris scan.

Convert your Worldcoin tokens into M-pesa money

Did you just receive your 25 tokens of Worldcoin after an iris scan and want to spend it on buying a packet of unga? Don’t be dismayed as it’s possible to get the money exchanged to kenya shillings and paid out to your mpesa within just minutes. 

  • After the eye scan and getting a world ID, you need to create a crypto wallet. Currently Binance and OKX  are the main exchanges that list Worldcoin.
  • Your Worldcoin tokens will be released/deposited into your crypto wallet
  • On the crypto exchange, sell your 25 tokens or simply exchange them for Kenya shillings
  • From the wallet now containing your exchanged tokens in shillings, navigate to the withdraw to verified mpesa number.
  • Follow the stages as indicated until you confirm withdrawal to M-pesa
  • The process should be straightforward and stress-free
  • Soon your money will hit the Mpesa account and just like that you can go out shopping.

Using the Worldcoin tokens to gamble

Some entrepreneurial Kenyans may obviously think of ways to multiply their tokens. Actually, such a mindset needs to be hailed especially at a time when money has become hard to come by. Here, you can choose to gamble with the Worldcoin tokens like you would in any daily betting situation.

As already explained above, you simply need to exchange the tokens to Kenya shillings and then once the money is in your M-pesa, go ahead and place a stake with it. Who knows if the bet could be what makes you a millionaire? Then the story would be like, you invested your Worldcoin tokens and it turned out to be your path to riches. 

Final takeaway

One thing about Worldcoin is that its already here with us. Whether governments intervene to understand it first, Altman seems resolute on getting it done. Actually, we may take a while to think through on whether the Worldcoin maze is all about creating a unique identity, rewarding participants for agreeing to eye scans or setting ground for rollout of another fully fledged crypto.

As a consumer of technology, the ideal approach would be to adopt a wait and see strategy while only giving out data which you could afford to lose. Otherwise, it would be self protective to watch how Worldcoin surmounts the inevitable roadblocks and explains the idea so much as to convince critics as well as pessimists. 

Author Fredrick