Nine Memorable things from the 2023 English Premier League

June 5, 2023

Of all the sporting activities, soccer has carved a great following across the globe. In Kenya just like the rest of East Africa, people frantically support a select team in the English Premier League as if they mean everything to them.

The 2023 premier league ended with Manchester City Football club retaining the title for the ninth time and third time in a row. As the season comes to an end, it’s probably the right time to reflect on a few of the happenings that will remain etched longer in the memories of football lovers and avid sports gamblers. 

Soccer in action for lovers and enchanted fans

Before reminiscing on what catchy things came out of the 2022/2023 English premier league, its safe to retell that football fans remain strongly spirited despite the outcomes. If there’s a sport that wins loyalty from fans then soccer tops the list.

There’s some kind of attachment that people get with their teams so much that despite underperformance or blatant failures, they bounce back to support them the next season. It’s no different for Kenyan football fans who express frustrations when the players in their preferred team blunder, swear to shift support only to return to the very team. 

When did the 2022/2023 English premier league start

Having lasted since Saturday 15 August 1992 and  with 22 clubs in the campaign, the English premier league has grown in leaps and bounds. The league which runs between August of one year and May of the other sees participating teams play up to 38 matches against each other comprising first and second leg matches. 

In short, we say goodbye to the just finished season and a big congratulations to Manchester city football club for retaining the league title. Likewise, we can already warm up to the next. We expect that the English premier league calendar will run once again starting August 2023 until May 2024 where Arsenal Football club may get a second chance at thrashing their way through to the title.  

The 2022/2023 English premier league which brought together 20 teams battling for the title started on August 12, 2022 to May 19 2024.In between these two dates, a lot of marvelous sporting action happened. Similarly, fans swore by their lives to ditch supporting their lifetime clubs only to be charmed back at the next match. 

Teams that played in the 2022/2023 English premier league

Any football fan or someone drawn so much to betting may need to preserve memories of the 2022/2023 english premier league campaign. Maybe this would be a perfect souvenir for the clubs that earned you successful bets and a bad memory for those that spoiled the betslip ruining chances of becoming a millionaire.

Based on the performances registered in the ended league campaign, a serious better may predict possible outcomes in the next. Given the players changing clubs and others completely exiting the league, a couple of new trends may emerge in the next but just to be safe as a gambler, take time and flashback on how these teams performed.

A list of 20 clubs that participatedin the 2022/2023 EPL campaign

Memorable moments in the 2022-23 English Premier League

So much happened in the highly watched competitions which culminated in Mancester city retaining the league title. Some of the moments captured by the panning camera lenses during the play offs include:

For memories

  • Arsenal remaining on top of the table until West Ham spelt doom to their frantic title chase
  • Manchester city steadily and stealthily trailing, finally toppling Arsenal FC for the league title
  • Erling Haaland became the season’s top scorer after a splendid performance at each match. He effectively earned the Golden Boot accolade.  
  • The quintessential, talented Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland  wins the player of the Season title in the EPL
  • Kevin De Bruyne wins the title of playmaker of the season
  • David de Gea bags the goalkeeper of the season title and takes home the golden glove. 
  • Arsenal 1-0 concession to Nottingham Forest that dashed away hopes of winning the league title. 
  • The 19 year old Brighton forward player Julio Enciso’s goal wins Budweiser Goal of the Season. He inches into the list of young players to watch in the EPL. 
  • Club Luton Town winning hearts after emerging from relegation like a phoenix from the ashes. 
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