Online casinos in Kenya

March 29, 2023

Kenya may not have a Las Vegas kind of casino industry but it doesn’t completely lack and those who love the games know where to find them. Like Nigeria and South Africa, Kenya has a name for runaway growth in gambling. The fallacy that betting, especially casinos is for the rich died long ago in the Kenyan community. As long as you have as little as a hundred shillings, you are good to go. 

For Kenyans looking to spend some time playing a casino, M-pesa and online casinos have made it stress free. From the comfort of your bed, you can easily fund your account, play and win just like that. But remember it’s also possible to incur losses and such losses can be nerve wracking at times.

On a lucky day, you are likely to win much more than the bet. Still, don’t get it wrong that every bet means a win. It is a 50/50 thing but luck and a bit of skill in the game is the winning magic.

Get informed before Betting 

Truly speaking, before you even think of indulging in the betting world, be informed first. Ensure you learn of the best online casino platforms beforehand. One of the ways to identify reputable ones is through reviews. It can be through word of mouth, television or even reading the comment section on the internet. Let it guarantee there’s something about a great experience from players. 

As much as there are several online casinos in Kenya, note that even the highly reputable ones have their bad sides. It is therefore vital to view through the displayed option. Remember, this may vary depending on your preference. 

Furthermore, it is important to take your time and ask around before you fall victim to the sites . The likes of Planet, Balzac, and 21 Dukes casinos and many others are a no-go zone. Wondering why? Well, reports of players not receiving winnings among unprofessional customer support are some of the reasons. Others like locked-out accounts and operators linked to questionable practices add to that list. 

What is an online casino?

Wondering what an online casino is? It is an online gaming in which players place odds on casino games on a mobile device or computer. Some of the common online casino games include roulette, table games, slots, and blackjack.

Basically, all the games which can be played are usually found online.  Besides, as a gambler, you should always make the right decision when choosing a casino. It should be one that has almost all the qualities you need in a casino such as reliability, time conscious, good support team and convenience. 

Features of good online casinos in Kenya

We all know that when it comes to gambling, money must be involved. Apart from the few rich and high rollers who play high stakes without a mind on the loss, many do it for monetary gains. Only a few engage in betting for fun.

In Kenya today, the economic situation has gone so bad that common citizens (mwananchi) try whatever they can to put food on the table. If you doubt that sentiment, then switch on your TV and watch the ongoing demos on high living costs. Therefore, people are trying to put their hands on anything that can bring food on the table and online casinos are one of them. 

In a nutshell, a better percentage of bettors do engage in betting to fend for dire needs. Although critics’ term betting as a social vice that encourages laziness among people, many have made huge fortunes from it. To achieve the latter, consider the factors below.

Lucrative bonuses and special offers

We all know that free things are sweet and fanatic gamblers can agree to it. If so, then why go for a casino site offering none? As there are more than enough sites in Kenya, it would be best to pick on one that gives bonuses and special offers. 

Just before you sign up and make your first deposit, read on things like a welcome bonus or a first-deposit bonus. Also, maybe there is a code which you need to input to get it, so be keen please. Some will even give special offers such as free spin, enhanced odds and many more in welcoming their new members to the club. Therefore, be keen so that you can grab such opportunities. 

Diverse game selection 

Whether you are going for table games or slot machines, it is prudent to settle for those with an enormous game library. From the wide range of game selections, you are free to settle for preference. Do not just choose an online casino  that offers one type of game. You won’t have anything to choose from. The common games in Kenyan online casinos that people enjoy include blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette and et cetera.

How to test proper security of the casino site

Security begins with authorization. To avoid becoming a victim of the many fishy casino sites, confirm they are legal. It is for your own good to check that trusted authorities license the operator. Ensure that the provider is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). 

The mission of BCLB is ensuring that gaming is conducted in an honest, competitive, and responsible way. Also, it ensures that gaming is free from any criminal activities. Lastly, it protects the Kenyan residents from fraud. 

Apart from ensuring that the provider is licensed, you should think of customer-provider services. This is a key aspect for your safety that you shouldn’t assume. The very first thing to check is several communication channels through which you can reach out to the company. 

Communication can be through a phone call, mail or any other social media platform. However, it won’t stop there. Also, try conversing with them through either of the channels to attest to their promptness in answering. Prolonged silence is a red flag and you can surely tell that no one will listen to you in case of a popping problem in future.

In addition, you should stick to casino sites with fast payouts having various payment options. Before receiving your money, keep track to see to it that all your transactional details are safe. It’s normally done by use of SSL encryption and choosing a legit site greatly depends on this feature. 

Highly Recommended Online Casinos in Kenya this 2023

There are many online casinos in Kenya. However, as I said earlier, going for the best keeps you locked in the game. Below are some of the unsurpassed sites you can try:

  • 22BET
  • Mozart
  • EUROPA Casino
  • Betway
  • Casino Midas
  • Bet winner

Author Fredrick