Quick tips for a Kenyan to avoid bet chasing

December 11, 2023

Something about betting or gambling, as some may call it, is that it can be so addictive. With teh high unemployment in Kenya, so many resort to gambling for a living. You see young people straddling the streets of major cities as if very busy but alas! They’re unemployed and some move from a cyber cafe to the next to place a bet and wait for a possible win. A lot of them engage in bet chasing, betting addiction and plunge into depression. 

Today, so many people suffer the adverse effects of gambling addiction that drain their pockets, drive them into depression. You know it’s much easier to see someone sinking into drug addiction but not as much easy for victims of gambling.

The betting situation in Kenya

As you read this, it’s likely that your friend or someone known to you has a gambling problem that drains their monies, makes them less productive. If there’s one cancer that really wrecks great yet silent havoc among the Kenyan youth, its gambling addiction. 

Bet chasing among Kenyans

Everyone desires to be rich and won’t mind if it’s overnight riches. Nowonder Kenyans in their numbers have wholly embraced sports betting. In villages where news about casinos were never heard, today people know about gambling and the possibilities of using it as a path to riches.

If need be, take an excursion into villages and it will be stunning to come across young upon oldies spending their scarce finances on betting. The menace is so huge yet it’s not possible to condemn betting wholesomely.

Gambling, casinos and betting have been with us for generations. But, the behavior that Kenyans show now whereby its slowly but surely taking over their lives is disturbing. 

It’s possible that a multibet or livebet doesn’t actually win. On lucky days, some Kenyan gamblers win thousands, and even millions in jackpot. But on bad days, a bet prediction may fail to win by a few matches. This creates the urge to place another bet which may also fail by one or two matches. Doing this multiple times in the hope that the ultimate win will eventually come becomes bet chasing.

Haven’t you heard friends commenting that “Game moja tu imenichafulia bet.” This implies that out of the many matches bookmarked and staked for, just a single prediction has fallen short. In such cases, the desire to place a new bet in the hope to correct the mistake becomes real. In the end, a series of failed bets ends up draining ones’ savings. 

Overcoming bet chasing 

There’s no single way to overcome any form of addiction. Nowonder every psychologist will prescribe a plan to slowly get over whatever form of addiction one has, betting included. But you know that betting ought to be for fun. When betting becomes a primary activity then that’s alarming.

To be on the safe side and escape the trap of placing bets on bets without winning, it’s necessary to be smart. Instead of focusing on trying to win what may come, it’s necessary to try some of these tips.

  • Don’t consider gambling as a source of income but a fun activity. Keep doing other more reliable and productive jobs.
  • Split your stake on multiple bets. Here, use your own analysis and gut instincts to pick which matches best fits which betslip.
  • Once you place a bet, forget about it and only wait for the confirmation message if it’s a win. If a message doesn’t come, wait for the next time.
  • You better cashout your wins instead of keeping them in your account. It takes time to deposit funds on your betting account which may prevent easy access of the money.
  • Avoid this thinking that there’s something like sure bets. Matches are so hard to predict and that reality must sink in. 

Sensing when bet chasing gets the better of you

The rush to and urge for big money sometimes gets the better of us. It can be so much that betting completely numbs the sense of self awareness but its important to be self aware. When betting takes over you completely and a day can’t go without betting then that’s a red flag. 

There’s betting addiction and bet chasing. The two have a near same effect on one’s financial sanity. You wil read news of Kenyan youths committing suicide due to bet losses.One simply loses control of how much to place on a bet, when to actually place a bet and sensibility to work on bets. 

As much as third parties may come through to assist you in self recovery from bet chasing and other gambling troubles, you must be alert. Being alert means you have the residual capacity to actually realize when things start getting nasty and spiraling out of control.

  • A day doesn’t pass without placing a bet
  • Losing a bet by a single game pricks so much that you can’t take it lying
  • You get the impression that placing a next bet corrects the error on the just lost bet
  • You give no damn about how much money you have in your account balance. The urge to bet becomes irresistible.
  • Keep checking how the matches in your betslip are actually performing. This isn’t necessarily to track performance but to rush and place a new bet if things aren’t working well. 

A final submission

As a Kenyan gambler, this list isn’t exhaustive when it comes to overcoming bet chasing and or sensing it. But somewhat, these listed hints act as pointers. For sanity in gambling and to get the fun of it, you need to maintain a high sense of awareness and avoid anything that drains your money. 

At the end of the day, remember, betting can’t in any way be a substitute for genuine hard work. Keep yur job and when the paycheck comes, use that money for important things. Only engage in gambling as a passtime regardless of how much you’ve won before. 

The lucky jackpot or multibet winners may be an inspiration for you to keep betting. Your lucky day too may come but then it can’t be at the expense of sanity. 

Author Fredrick