Gambling or betting as it is popularly known isn’t anything new to Kenyans. While a good number of Kenyans have over the time come to embrace some still consider it unethical, a social vice, cause of laziness among youth and many more.

Whatever one may think of it, we can all agree that it may be a tall order to think that betting in Kenya will go away any time soon. It’s a multi million dollar enterprise that entangles even those who have the power to otherwise stop it.

The government may have succeeded in cracking down on physical gambling machines, the real game has now moved online in a big way and Kenyans seem unbowed to risk their way to a promise of riches.

Online betting/gambling has become part of life for so many Kenyans

love or hate it, the gambling industry in Kenya keeps growing and winners of big monies such as weekly Mega jackpot or jackpot get announced quite often. This publicity keeps motivating more to join the betting bandwagon.

Further pushed by prevailing situations including unemployment and trying out luck, so many Kenyans don’t have many options but to try it betting as a way of making quick money. Even though not a guarantee that one will win, betting fans keep hoping for their lucky day to come.

Clinging on hope and luck for gamblers in Kenya

Critics would love to refer to the betting situation in Kenya as a gambling pandemic, a betting nation or such phrases which dim the light on this old age activity. But truth be told, betting, lottery and such kinds of games of chance have been with us for a long time now.

If anything, what we have witnessed in the recent past is just a hyper animation of betting in Kenya. This wave of a betting generation has been partly a result of the high accessibility of the internet, ability to make M-Pesa bet deposits and withdraw bet payouts, smartphones and so many cybercafes. 

With high youth unemployment and inflation, Kenyans, including the older people have all joined the betting fray. Trust me, no government efforts to restrict the game has succeeded or may manage to crush this activity . A determined gambling or betting community in Kenya has grown and more get addicted to it.

Just in case you didn’t know, we have a cases of Kenyans staking colossal amounts of money that don’t belong to them, was intended for other critical needs or even investments only to end up losing it. Such reckless gamblers have unfortunately sunk into depression or worse, some of them commit suicide.

Kenyans take betting as a source of quick money and they really do it without thinking twice

In the remote parts of Kenya today, the word betting has gained more popularity than most of the things anyone would have first thought. Older people just like the youth do not think twice about choosing odds and placing a stake for various teams. In fact, most people end up betting even for teams that they least know just in the hope that adding that extra odd grows the possible win amount or what one may call bet payout.

The media and word of mouth has shown us quite a number of people who’ve made fortunes from winning Jackpot or mega jackpot to the tunes of millions. Each and every betting platform in Kenya today has a provision for mega jackpot and jackpot which gamers stand to win if their bets match the match outcomes. Indeed we know stories of Samuel Abisai, Samwel Waweru, and Daniel Rono and Geoffrey Keitany among others who won millions from different betting platforms in kenya. 

Betting has activated the masses in Kenya

Betting in Kenya has brought in something pleasantly refreshing for those who choose to look at it positively. In the past, Kenyans who were fans of different games, especially football, would pay gate tickets religiously to watch local games such as the Mashemeji derby and other local play offs.

Also, fans paid to watch football at local joints or video areas. This remains the trend in cities as well as villages where men occupy themselves with English premier league games and champions league at different periods of the football season. But now they don’t only participate as fans but also earn.

So many will identify with the fact that betting came in and ended the era of an unrewarded fan-base. So, it created a new reality in which fanatics of various games would feel recognized and part of the rich sports industry globally.

Online betting in Kenya has become so common and allows fans to try their luck and get rewarded based on odds for the selected games.The betting industry in Kenya keeps the fans activated and having something to look forward to.

Honestly speaking,  the betting world has given numerous people an equal platform where to use their guts instincts and explore luck. In Kenya, many people are betting with several earning fortunes by simply placing a bet.

From a completely low key industry a couple of years ago, sports betting is the newly discovered gold mine in Kenya. About 36 betting companies are registered in Kenya and more are still coming into this attractive industry. It has risen from the dust to a completely new phenomenon given the presence of intense advertisements going around and big money associated with it. 

Many Kenyan celebrities endorse betting firms today

Most influencers and celebrities in Kenya are now intensely involved in betting advertisements. You should have already seen them flying out during the last World cup in Qatar just to go and market their betting firm clients.

Eve Mungai, Victor Naaman, Crazy Kennar, YY Comedian, Terrence Creative, Awinja…name them. The list of those Kenyan celebs who made it to the 2022 Qatar World cup is a long one. All these were in the name of projecting the betting brands in Kenya. If this does not already show Kenya as a betting nation then there can never be anything like that.
Jackie Vickie popularly known as Awinja being funny in Qatar during the 2022 world cup

There is no day that passes without meeting either a billboard on the streets, banners and other digital advertisements on social media about betting in Kenya. They generally display juicy odds and payouts that entice even reluctant gamers to place a stake in the hope of winning. It’s like so many Kenyans in betting believe take it as an easy way of earning some extra money.

Truth be told, Kenya registers for excessive fun and jubilation but all this is not to be enjoyed without money. It’s for this reason that most Kenyans are trying their guts out by betting their way to riches. Besides, the economic situation is getting worse as days keep passing by as a reason to find a means of survival. 

Learning the ropes of betting in Kenya

It is not a walk in the park though as luck and some experience also have to guide you through the streets of betting. Betting over which team might win has become a multi-million-dollar avenue in the world. In fact, from a recent observation, Kenya has an existing fastest growing betting market globally. This is one of the major reasons for the influx in betting sites that are in operation.

While for some, betting is a good thing as one gets to try their luck to get rich quickly for others, it is just an avenue towards poverty. But one aspect that you must look into before you get into the betting spree, is to just ensure that you only risk what you are ready to lose.

With betting, there is never a guarantee that one would win for every bet. Kenyans know that all that plays out is chance and luck yet some still end up killing themselves or risking monies they are not willing to lose.

If you feel you are in need of quick money or quick riches, then the betting realm in Kenya is your thing. However, the big disclaimer is that on good days, you win for the odds chosen yet on bad days, you may lose bets with so much stake placed.

The legal aspects of betting and betting sites in Kenya

Before getting into the field of betting in Kenya one would at least want to know if it is legal. Yes, betting is legal in Kenya because even your proceeds and earnings from betting are subjected to taxation unlike in the past. 

Betting sites are only considered legal in Kenya if it has a licence from the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). It remains to be the top regulatory body for betting companies and their sites in Kenya. BCLB determines the legality and safety of your bets. 

Once you are on a betting site, move towards the bottom of its home page where you will obtain its licence information. Whereas, if a bookmaker doesn’t have BCLB licence information, then it only means one thing, it is an illegal betting site. This means that you must stay away from such betting sites. Nevertheless, the licensed bookmakers remain to be the best and also the safest betting sites in Kenya.

Betting situation among Kenyans

With sports betting and other gambling forms exhibiting a growing phenomenon across Africa, it is also very common among Kenyans. By the end of last year, the gambling market was worth $600 billion as per the market-based research. 

The betting market among Kenyans has really grown owing to the rise in smartphone technology. Many are now using their mobile phones to place their bets just at the comfort of their homes and office. 

Kenya registers a high number of betting youths with Nairobi taking the lead among all the cities. Just imagine the presence of 18 gambling facilities, 900 gaming and slot machines combined with about 1268 table games. However, sports betting takes the lead on betting in Kenya. 

If you have any interest in betting on sports, be it Kenyan or any other country’s sports, then Kenya has this platform ready for you. It is very clear that the high affinity towards sports and local sports proliferation has made betting popular among Kenyans. In fact, the frequency of gambling is very high among Kenyans unlike among their fellow Africans.

While others only manage to place bets once a month, the majority of Kenyans bet daily and others once a week. Sports betting however, still remains to be the most liked especially the English premier and champions league fixtures which seem to highly excite Kenyans. 

The desire to get rich quickly and make quick earnings has led very many Kenyans into betting. For sure, the lucky ones have got quite a huge catch and are now millionaires venturing into real estate and huge investment profiles. 

Thirst and desire for betting among Kenyans

Gambling now presents one of the largest industries with a huge following due to the numerous options it offers. Nonetheless, the one with the most popular gambling option remains sports betting, specifically football betting. Kenyan youths have registered 80% of bets placed on the football matches. Many Kenyans put their stake on their favourite sports events with the hope of winning.

The fact that betting provides an incredibly entertaining and often profitable hobby, sometimes losses are incurred. However, your thirst and desire to put your stake would greatly depend on your experience from a betting platform. Various betting platforms in Kenya will obviously exhibit different attributes either good or bad. 

There is a greater sign that the Kenyan youth to a larger extent value economic prosperity. This is attributed to the fact that they can dedicate a share of their earnings to something that could earn them money even against bad odds. 

No one wants to be left behind while their fellows are already indulging into the betting realm. Quite a good number of youths are being influenced into betting through the success stories they meet and know of. It is however the desire to get rich by winning millions that motivates most Kenyans to want to engage into betting.

Betting sites in Kenya

If by chance you have also been swayed into the realm of betting in Kenya, then it is very important to have some reviews. It is key for one to learn and get to know more about the existing betting platforms and sites present in Kenya. This will greatly help you to make an informed decision from the bookmakers offering the highest level of convenience for those betting. 

Something interesting with the present world is the degree of technological advancements that allows for smooth operation of smart technology. Betting has now been made even much more interesting and easier given the fact that it can be done online. 

It is highly recommended that you should only work with legal betting sites available in Kenya. However, your excitement, and indulgence will grow and vary given your experience from various betting sites. 

Every betting site will exhibit to you both the good and bad attributes but with this guidance you will learn about the best betting sites in Kenya. Moreover, you can also see the alternative features and options they display to offer the players with the best possible betting experience. 

More often than not, players are interested in getting to know if there exists a good betting site in Kenya. The answer is pretty simple though since every betting site is good in its own way. But one cannot fail to note the fact that there are some betting sites that are extremely dangerous and you should stay away from them. 

All in all, most of the existing legal betting sites in Kenya tend to focus on ensuring their players get the best betting experience always. This is exactly what defines a good betting site.

Here are some of the existing legal and most popular betting sites that currently exist in Kenya;

Top four popular betting Sites in Kenya

Kenya has one of the rapid expanding betting markets in the world thus a reason behind the heinous existing betting sites currently in operation. Therefore, the idea is to help you and other players identify the best legal and safe betting sites to offer you the best betting experience. 

The betting sites in Kenya which could easily lead you into confusion and maybe make huge losses. For this reason, this guide will narrow the list down and give you some of the top betting sites presently operating in Kenya.

1. 22Bet

This remains to be one of the best online betting sites in Kenya that accepts many payment methods. There are over 30 thousand KES live sports events that are being broadcast on a monthly basis and available jackpots for winning. 

If you register you are welcomed with a humongous bonus and there is a 100% match for deposits below Ksh. 18000. However, this site may take a longer time to load which could mainly be attributed to the fact that it operates on an old interface.

2. Betika

Betika has popularly grown with a huge following as players are yearning for a win in any of its numerous betting platforms. From soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, boxing, bandy to bowls. 

The list is endless as Betika offers its players one huge platform to try their luck. Moreover, it has numerous offers from its jackpot, Shikisha bet, and Betika league to share with its players. 

If you refer to a player, you earn a free bonus. It also accepts both the M-pesa and Airtel depositing with a refund of the transaction fee which is immediately deposited into your Betika wallet. 

3. Betwinner 

Any lover of European sports needs to visit and register with Betwinner and get a great assortment of streamed European sport events. You are likely to experience the availability of nice odds for your stake. 

The platform accepts mobile money transfers as players also get to watch up to 4 live sports events at the same time. The only disadvantaged players are the airtel network provider subscribers for it doesn’t accept deposits or withdrawals.

4. Betway

Get a 100% match for your first deposit and enjoy your weekly payout promotions by registering for a Betway betting account. It also accepts mobile money transfers easily from your M-pesa as you peruse through a great assortment of football odds. The site is simple, classy and very easy to use.

Finding a legitimate online sports betting site

A great number of Kenyans, especially the youth are enthusiastic about wagering on their favorite sports events. Well, as you have seen, there are numerous online sports betting sites available for you to choose from. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you are extra careful and vigilant as you find a legit site. This is because there exists numerous security concerns when indulging into online betting.

Therefore, it is critical that you choose from a betting site with a safe and very secure environment. Thus, the need to understand a few tips to help you as a player to make the most informed decisions when it comes to betting.

Tips to put into Consideration as a betting fan in Kenya

How to start betting in Kenya

With betting now being legal in Kenya, millions of sports fans are continuously looking to enter the betting market for the first time. Somehow, the existing challenge is actually where to begin from especially if you are very fresh into this field. It is so obvious that there could be some terminologies or simply directions that are involved. 

Once you have made a decision regarding which betting site you are joining, then you will register and have an account. Once you are in then you have to make a deposit or use the available bonus if you get awarded. Now you already know what a bet means, but how do you place them? 

Usually most sports betting sites are pretty simple and easy to navigate. So, this is what you will do;

Betting firms operations in Kenya

Just by keenly checking on the recent operations and the growth of betting firms in Kenya, one can clearly come to a conclusion that the business is profitable. Many players continue to bet and win whereas the book markers are also cashing out billions. 

You are likely to wonder how these betting firms really make profit out of all these happenings. They continue to pay out winnings to their lucky customers as they also offer certain incentives. 

Well, it is quite obvious that betting firms have a tendency to manipulate their odds to secure their side. Not all low odds are sure bets and the only trick is to bet with sports books charging smaller spreads.

With the best tricks, experienced and skilled players will always go home with their handsome payout. The book markers operate a successful business by converting profits into odds while at the same time making sure that the book balances. 

So, to the book markers, it doesn’t matter whether a player wins or not provided the book balances to make profit. It is just like how operations are done in casinos where all is done in favor of the house to always win. They even employ a team of risk analysts, the odd compiles to determine the actual odd outcomes. It means that they make proper calculations before determining the odds.

Highest betting winners in Kenya in recent times

Each and everyday players place their bets hoping to win as some even go for fat stakes. However, in the end, they are subjected to different outcomes with others winning and others losing. What this means is that the betting and gaming world is all gambling which highly depends on luck and to some extent tricks and experience. 

For those players who win huge returns it even becomes difficult to decide on what to do with the money. But the important thing is to ensure that you can spend the money wisely.

Nonetheless, here are some of the winners who have won big from sports betting in Kenya;

Samuel Abisai became the talk of town after bagging himself a clean 221 million KES jackpot when he correctly predicted the outcome of 17 football matches. He comes out to the limelight three years later to speak on how he invested his money.

Gordon Ogada also joined the list of Kenyan millionaires when he also won 230,742,881 KES from a betting jackpot for predicting 17 matches. However, after five months he came out of the light stating that he was broke. 

Cosmas Korir also joins this list of betting millionaires after winning a clean 208 million in a mega jackpot bet. He is also currently doing very well for himself.