The top betting sites in Kenya

April 7, 2023

Among the top common words in Kenya, betting likely features up in the list. Betting has over time taken a prestigious place in the lives of Kenyans for its popularity as a possible source of overnight riches. Who would not want to associate with and play a game where one places like ksh. 49, ksh. 50 or ksh. 100 then wake up a few days later when the games in the bet slip have been played and hurrah! congratulations, you are our winner of this week’s jackpot that welcomes you on the phone screen? So many betting sites now available to Kenyans make the dream for such riches even more real than ever before.

Oldies may have grown up playing games such as chess, droughts, and such older games of strategy. But today, betting which is essentially gambling has become commonplace. There isn’t much difference in the games because all of them apply strategy only that betting relies more on chances which they call odds and sheer luck.

So many online betting sites for Kenyans

Online betting sites have grown at almost the same pace with internet penetration and access to smartphones among Kenyans. The old casinos may not attract as diverse clientele as online betting sites today do. Its on online betting sites where a poor Kenyan would bet his last cent and wait with crossed fingers if the odds may favor him while a middle class or rich guy also spreads their bets over multiple chances to win. All in all, there’s no competition among those pacing bets, only a struggle to get quick riches-simple.

For a moment one can step back and appreciate online betting for giving fans a chance to also benefit from their support of different games. But then critics may look at it differently since nowadays the genuine support a fan has for a team may dwindle especially if that team starts off a season on a wrong footing with only losses in matches. A Manchester united fan will place a bet for Chelsea or vice versa depending on their realistic expectations of the match outcome. So in such cases, fanaticism which really adds taste to games wanes.

Honestly, land-based casinos in Kenya have been made to look irrelevant with the coming to be of online betting sites. What makes online gambling sites an easy go to option for everyone is their versatility and vast possibilities such as different odds for games, so many games, live betting, possibility of combining bets of different games in one slip, flexibility of the amount one can bet, mega jackpot wins and general convenience.


Betway is an authorized betting company in Kenya which has among the highest odds in the gaming market. In addition, it has numerous bonuses to both new and returning customers. When you deposit money for the first time, betway gives you a 50% bonus off the deposited amount. Is this not a good deal for a gambler? 

Betway has an effortless login process which requires you to have a Betway account created before. You are required to visit the betway official site and search for the login place, enter your personal details and submit. Nevertheless, logging in through a betway app is quite different, you must have downloaded the app from a site found from sportsbooks betting prior to that.

Moreover, the sign-up procedure is also simple and swift, which is appealing to new backers. Their customer service is also among the best because of the hasty manner they respond to clients on time. Last but not least, the company is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) of Kenya. This makes it a legal company in which you can place your bets anytime anyday. 


Being among the largest betting sites in Kenya, 22bet focuses heavily on football and has amazing odds. Punters are guaranteed a maximum of Ksh. 18,000 as a welcome offer which is a strategy to win more clients to the site. Also, depositing and withdrawing funds to the 22Bet account through Mpesa is fast and very reliable.

Although the 22Bet system can sometimes be slow to load, it is still a trusted site by most gamblers in Kenya. Its distinct customer care service contains two different methods that clients can use to contact them. One of the ways of contacting them is through their mobile phone number and the other one is through the Live chat. 22Bet is also unique as compared to the other betting sites and that is the reason it gives its users a chance of betting through sms.

Furthermore, 22bet is popularized with its fast commission free payouts with numerous banking methods for punters to choose from. Besides, if you want to withdraw or deposit through Mpesa , you can do so easily. Finally, 22Bet is a licensed dealer that obeys all the regulations put in place by the Kenyan government to ensure users get the safest experience in betting.


Get a fantastic gaming adventure with Betwiner. It is a recently established betting site that contains different forms of gambling, including sports betting, online casinos among others. It has various local ways of depositing cash plus fast withdrawal methods. With Betwiner, you can play casino games like blackjack as well as lay odds-on premier league teams. Many Kenyans do not know that apart from football they can play games like blackjack. 

In addition, new gamblers are soothed in with a handsome welcome bonus which aids them start betting on a high note. Existing gamers are not left out but are given numerous offers by this site to continue using the app. At least 400,000 Kenyans have signed in to betwinner which has increased the popularity of the site.

Apart from having more than 1000 sports activities per day which gives a wide range of games for players to choose from, football remains the number choice for most gamers. Betwinner is also licensed to safeguard the welfare of its clients. Therefore, when playing you do not have to worry about your money. It is safe. 


Although  Mozzartbet is a new betting site in Kenya. It has won the hearts of many, mainly because of the numerous promotions like the recent Omoka Na Moti Promotion. Besides that, Mozzartbet has speedy payouts with excellent odds. It also gives you a chance to partner with them through their franchise program. The program offers an opportunity to establish a gambling shop and become your own boss for a better future.

If you’re interested in casino games, then this is the right place to be since it has the best games such as Greentube, Pragmatic plays, Fazi among others. The most amazing part of it is the free spins and casino prize offered every week. Consequently, with mozzartbet, you don’t have to wait for 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) when you can bet on virtual games and get up to 1,000,000 in less than 5 minutes. 


Sportpesa is one of the betting companies that is popular in Kenya. It has over 20 million fans globally. Many people have earned millions of Kenyan shilling from it. Even in the remote villages, people got to say something about this betting company. It has been operating in Kenya since 2014 and you can win millions of shillings on the site. 

Gordon, the Mega jackpot winner

When betting, you can use the app by downloading it or do so through the website. When registering, you will need an email address, username, mobile number, as well as a password. Also, the company provides a secure and safe platform for its members.

Moreover, the customer service is top notch. In case you have a problem, you can launch the complaint by calling customer care or communicating with them through Facebook. Another good thing is that you can make deposits from your Mpesa account at the comfort of your home. About withdrawals, you can even do so through sms. You do not have to log in for you to make withdrawals. 


OdiBets is another popular betting site in Kenya. To place a bet, you can do so through the app or website. Some of the betting you can place in Odibets include soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and tennis. The site also offers interesting service including Live bets, Odileague, esports, and Odi shareBet.

When signing up for OdiBets, you will enter your mobile number and a password. Also, if you have a referral code, you can input it. The good thing about being a new customer is that you will get a free bet. Is that not a good deal? Try it out as it has lots of offers.

Author Fredrick