Top online casino games for Kenyan gamblers

May 12, 2023

We may not have a Las Vegas kind of establishment for gambling in Kenya but land based casinos still exist around. Generally, casinos in Kenya such as Casino Flamingo, Mayfair Casino & Club or Royale Palms Casino among others may not attract so many in-person customers. But the many smartphones and affordable internet in the country has let a lot of Kenyans play online casino.

With your smartphone you can easily play your favorite online casino games. You can also still try your luck in sports betting if it’s your thing. One thing is for sure anyway, at online casinos, there’s an array of gaming options. Besides, out of the many features, you can’t miss what meets your needs best. Sounds fun, yeah? It is.

Online slots Top the List of Online Casino Games

If you’re wondering why slots are the most played casino game, then you should know that because it is easy to play. Also, there is something exciting about its features, they are unique. It has various themes of different attractive colors.

Moreover, spinning the reels is not daunting at all. Besides, the only follow-up required is to watch the symbol line if perhaps it could be your lucky day. Another good thing, beginners can play free slots in any of their favorite games with no money or experience required.

For slots, you can play as much as you want and learn in the process. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at a few dos and don’ts. By the time you’ll opt for a real wager in this, it will be a walk in the park. Mind you, the money-earning part now comes in. How sweet!

Do you want to win slots? This is how to do it

The other top Online Casino Games after Slots

The games below are highly profiled in the online casino:

Online blackjack

Blackjack is a super simple game of cards, no wonder it’s played by a multitude worldwide. With this one, a five-minute trial is enough to get you yearning for more. It is you versus the dealer, so you should always try your best. 

Furthermore, there’s a variety to try from and  the simplest one of them is classic blackjack. There are also others that are advanced like multi-hand-blackjack. You can as well step up some more to high stake blackjack. Whichever your choice, know it’s a perfect way of passing time and even earning handsomely too.

Lottery Games 

The lottery games are so popular in kenya. They are available in almost all the TV stations and radio stations in Kenya. They are usually a combination of strategy and luck. It offers the people who take part in it to test their fate as well as skills. 


Roulette is a classical game of little wheels-termed by the French, at the casinos. Here, luck speaks louder than skillfulness because it is purely on chance. After placing a bet against the bank, you’ll spin the wheel and joyously wait at which number it hits. Now that is the most exciting bit that keeps you glued to the screen. You can opt to play either the European or French version. They are all good.


Honestly speaking, this game of cards is quite complex if you’re to compare it to blackjack. But for some reason, it’s exciting and easy to learn. Being a game of high roller, it is so dependent on the version you opt to play. Believe you me nothing drags players to this game like it’s great odds. It is worth trying for fun-time as you exploit the profit gains.

Poker games

When it comes to table games, poker is a big one. With Texas hold’em or the classic 5 card draw as popular versions. Unlike other gambling games, poker requires skills and strategy in the play. People love it because the more you play, the more you improve at it. As for the majority, video poker goes well with reality thus more famous. With proper strategy, poker will slash a few of your bills on your win day.


Craps is by a far the most entertaining casino game out there for you to try. Did you know its first-paced actions with numerous unbeaten bets? In this game of dice, there is always a perfect blend of adventure and risk-taking in predicting the dice rolls. The common bets to expect on your screen goes for ‘pass line’, ‘don’t pass’, ‘come’ and ‘don’t come’. 


Bingo is a highly popular game you’d meet so frequently in online casinos. This enticing game of probabilities depends on fortune for a win. It is similar to the lottery, so there’s nothing like skill or strategy. Here, the organizer or caller picks numbers at random. If they match that of the player’s card, it’s a win. Even in its different forms, the basis is to match numbers. 

Scratch cards

Punters, who look for instant rewards, do play scratch card games. With some trace of similarity in other lottery games, it is so simple to play. Everything about this game relies on Lady Luck. If you have one on your shoulder then prepare for endless wins. You only need to click on the panel to reveal the line or number underneath. That’s it when they match.


In keno, you pick numbers. When the numbers are drawn, you match out your number and then if it matches, you win. It is almost similar to the lottery games. 

Playing keno is advantageous. This is because it has a larger game selection as compared to the other casino games. Besides, it is convenient. You can easily play it at the comfort of your home. Apart from that, it has a lower house edge and you can practice with free games. 

Author Fredrick