Kenyans don’t necessarily fancy land based casinos anymore, they go for online casinos

May 14, 2023

Betting, gambling and casinos don’t appear strange to us anymore. We’ve recently come across news and pictures of lucky sports betting winners of jackptots to the tune of mllions. Not long ago, betting and gambling in Kenya happened in colorfully decorated casinos which only a few frequented to enjoy their various games. But since the 2000s, when many Kenyans aquired smartphone and internet , online casinos became a common stop for many.

Maybe to start us off, let;s stop and ask the question, What works for you? Is it time and convenience or interacting with other people? If you value time and convenience then online casinos will work for you. However, if you want to interact with other people as you play, then you should go for the land based casinos. 

Factors to Consider when choosing a Casino

Before choosing the type of casino you want to use, there are some factors that you have to consider. They include accessibility, games variety, entertainment, and others. 

Accessibility of gambling platforms

Without much thought, it’s crystal clear that online gambling is weightier here. As long as there’s the internet,  nothing can stop you from playing. You can always play your favorite online blackjack or slots in the comfort of your home. It means that your dress code won’t be a reason for criticism. You can dress the way you want at home. 

With the online casinos, when you think of grabbing a coffee in the middle of the night, you can easily do it. Also, for online casinos, one can find your favorite corner, and start playing roulette. It is just a few mouse clicks away. Conversely, you must just spare a few bucks for fare to reach your physical native casino. This is done even before you think of the much to bet with.

Access to different games by just a click

Undoubtedly, online casinos offer a wider range of games than land-based ones. Needless to mention that online gambling has no issue with limited staff members and physical floor space. Besides, it is just a matter of downloading the games. Or license them directly from the developer and throw them online for players.

 On the other hand, land-based prefer dealing with tested games. Of which they stick with to cut the cost of investing in new machines. For such reasons, online offers variety for you to play any game you can think of.

Entertainment factor

While you have to sit bored at your screen waiting for the reels to spin. Especially, in the cases of latency, this is prone to online gambling. Land-based casinos know how to create an exciting social atmosphere given it is squeezed within refreshment rooms, many people visit it. The noise, the colors, the dining and wining are just something to uplift your spirit. Apart from the entertainment part of it, you will get to meet other people and interact. 

Pros and cons of online and land-based casino

Online and land based casinos have their advantages and disadvantages. It mainly depends on the factors that you consider and what you want. Here are some:

Large bonuses 

Talking of large bonuses, online casinos are the way to go. They do offer bonuses for signing up, deposit based, and loyalty for playing in some of the gambling sites. On the other hand, a land-based casino has a list of expenses to pay for starting with rent, staff wages, machine maintenance et cetera. 

It is not that online casinos do not have expenses. Some of the expenses it can incur include the website domain. This means that they have much money hanging in the air without a landing. So why not pay for players’ incentives. They’ll never stop wowing their client with various types of bonuses in between the game including free spins and weekly bonuses.


In terms of payouts, land-based casinos deserve a thumbs up. Once you’ve won a game, you’ll get your cash there and then. This is contrary to what happens in an online casino where some websites pay daily and others weekly. At least you’ll have to wait a little longer, which may be inconveniencing some clients.  


At the online casinos, you play alone. You do not have other people to interact with or even have fun. You are all alone, whether in the office or at home. However, at the land based casinos, you will have so much fun. You will get to interact with others and you may even be lucky to get business partners. Who knows? 

Giving back to the community 

When it comes to giving back to the community, land-based casinos are the place to be. Not only gamblers visit the bars and restaurants attached to casinos. Instead, people of different calibers come to visit such places for drinks or eateries.

 In the end, these people spend money that boosts the local economy in return. In addition, such local businesses employ people from around. Hence, the unemployment problem is solved somehow. It is different from online casinos that only involve the website domain.

Bitcoin usage

Have you ever heard of bitcoins? Did you know you could use it to place a bet or even play? Yes, you can. But only in online casinos. They give a wider range of payment methods from cash deposits to debit cards and even more. However, in a land-based casino, it is purely cash.

Which one offers Better Security: Land-based or Online Casinos?

In a land-based casino, you’ll be required to bring along your identity card and that’s all. There’s nothing like any personal details. Also, there is no gambling account to start with.

As for the online casino, you can’t gamble without an account. Here, you’ll be required to feed the database with all your personal information. Apart from the few top casinos that have taken care of hackers. The rest of these other unlicensed and illegally operating casinos may lack such measures. The chances you’d be stolen from are quite high there.

Elsewhere, the use of crypto in online casinos is safe and secure with your details. Since, it ensures secrecy and anonymity with transactions. Thus, it’s hard to tell who did what. Going by the long debate, you can independently choose either of the two. As long as it meets your demands for a sweet gambling experience, go for it.

Author Fredrick