Odibets thriller user features you may try

December 27, 2023

By now, Odibets is a household name, a name out there in the streets that does not need one to be a punter to know. In terms of visibility, Odibets has done greatly to become a household brand for the betting fraternity in Kenya.

With bright selection of brand colors, user-friendly interface and great selection of games and other benefits, the bookmark has set a new frontier in the gambling space. A quick sign up and attempt to use the App/Website to usher you into an impressive world of punting. 

A game changing cash-out feature

Odibets perfectly understood the assignment of creating a feature that resonates well with the target market. For an average Kenyan punter, cashing out a win is of essence. Some people place a bet in the hope to get a quick win and use the money on some urgent p roblems. 

With the cash-out feature, you can quickly move to protect your bet from a frustrating loss. Imagine you placed a bet and towards the end, the game seems to be tilting towards the team you did not select on your betslip. The agony of seeing your hard earned money just go down can be excruciating.

A quick guide to download and install Odibets App

Instead of sitting back and losing your entire bet stake, the cashout feature allows you to salvage the little that is available. The feature uses the odds at the moment of cashing out to compute what you can get. 

Just like live betting, cash out feature available in Odibets allows you to withdraw from a bet before the game is settled. Its probably one of the most innovative risk management tool any betting site could have. 

What makes Odibets stand out?

We may easily say that the Odibets App or website is one attractive one-that’s true. But then for a wager, the design or appearance of a website may only be a little bit of what makes it attractive. The ease of navigation and single click buttons makes the website adequately user friendly.

Aside from the already highlighted cash out feature, the bookmaker has a lot of social proofing which makes it a go to. Gambling is often more a thing of emotions than logic. There’s never anything like a sure bet for a game or match. All one does is to count on probability and lack. So when reputable people like Terence creative, Awinja Nyamwalo, YY Comedian, Njugush, Jalang’o mwenyewe, and many more identify with a brand, it gives confidence.

We’ve seen so many Kenyan influencers identify with and actually endorse Odibets. The impression that this creates and cements is that the site is good for Kenyans. The fact that it has Kenyan ownership means its operations understand the customers. 

A more summarized pros include.

✅ Plenty of  exciting betting options
✅ Access to a selection of casino games
✅ You get an Odibets Android app easily  
✅ Odibets website is user+friendly both on PC and smartphone
✅ You get to enjoy the cash-out and live betting feature 
✅ SMS wagering is a possibility 

Make deposits on Odibets

Odibets remain a vibrant bookmaker in the market today that Kenyans identify with. You may actually be the lucky winner today on your bets on this website.

With a large user community in Kenya and Ghana, you may be wondering how possible to recharge your Odibets account. Possibly, you want to also know the pathway for withdrawing your win on Odibets. Here is a quick run through. 

Because Odibets operations have an influence from the common user, it’s designed to be very easy to operate. If you’ve already set up an Odibets account and want to recharge it, just go to your Mpesa App and use the  paybill number 290680. The  account name should be  Odi. 

Odibets bet bila bundles feature

So many Kenyans today own at least a smartphone and use Safaricom mobile service provider as the main telecom provider. But sometimes not having an internet plan or bundles to access the Odibets website makes it hard for Odibets users to place a bet. 

In a revolutionary partnership with Safaricom, Odibets now allows users to place bets without using any data. This means that gamblers only need to worry about where to get the bet stake and not the internet. 

Author Fredrick